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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the Cardano Community with accurate, insightful decentralized network data analysis to make informed decisions and maximize success. We strive to provide exceptional curated on-chain analysis and data visualization for Cardano, and become the defacto gold standard for years to come.

Pool Technology

BALNC Pool is a self-hosted, baremetal rack server hosting the blockchain database and supporting decentralization.

Pool Rates

As of January 2024, BALNC Pool rates are a min fee of 170 Ada (the lowest) and a margin fee of 0.00%. This means from the rewards of validating blocks, 170A is deducted, and the remainder is provided to you the delegators. These rates are very competitive and the pool rewards support our Analysis Services to serve the Community. We have a high pledge of 400k Ada to help win blocks and protect the network from Sybil Attacks.

Product & Services

BALANCE provides Newsletters with Cardano blockchain events, stakepool landscape & grouping changes, and on-chain analysis state of the network updates. We also have the entire blockchain database (not just an index) to query and provide curated data visualization insights thru our Web Application. Please explore our site and visit the charts!